Blender Boids


Here is a very good link to a Blender 2.69 Boids tutorial. The author shows how to create a marching army running across a landscape. There are lots of very good demonstrations of things like armatures, the dope sheet editor and the NLA editor. Very useful for creating animations. I hope you like it.

Millennium Falcon Flyby


Here is a link to a cool new video that I have produced of the Millennium Falcon swooping around and Imperial Star Destroyer. All done in Blender 2.68a with a total render time of ~12 hours.

Movie Test


Here is a short movie test where I was working out how to do a lot of space ships launching at once. The Tie fighters are generated using a “boids” particle system in Blender with the Tie craft as a “Dupli-group” object. The “boid brain” uses the following rules in this order:

Avoid collision


Follow leader

The leader is the Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter which follows it’s own predefined path. In all there are 100 Tie Craft launched (101 including Darth’s Tie Fighter).

My plan is to have these launch from the main hanger bay of the Imperial Star Destroyer ship. Awesomeness!